Welcome to the UNISTAR Online Course

The UNISTAR Online Course is a free-of charge professional training for staff and students at higher education institutions working with refugee students.

Higher education is one of the most important tools to increase the number of refugees who get a degree or diploma and to ultimately thrive in their future lives and careers.  

Higher education institutions can contribute to this process by putting support systems in place that allow refugee students easy access to undergraduate, graduate and research programmes, and by putting in place or strengthening a support system that should allow refugee students to embark on studies like any other student.

The UNISTAR Online Training can be part of those efforts. The course will build the knowledge of your higher education's staff and students on a wide spectrum of challenges and opportunities that come with welcoming refugee students on campus.

Once they have followed the course, your trainees can confidently build a solid support system for refugees that will yield benefits for both students and staff, capitalizing on the skills and intelligence talented young people can bring to places of learning.

Organizing a UNISTAR Online Course starts with designating a  UNISTAR Course Moderator (or multiple Course Moderators) at your higher education institution. They will receive a training by the UNISTAR team to bring the courses to your campus.

For more information on how to organize a UNISTAR training at your higher education institution, please contact VUB University in Brussels, Belgium at or UNHCR at

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